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Colour Streams
These needlework threads are hand dyed in Australia, they come in 4 different weights of silk thread in 50 different colours.  Matching silk ribbons in 4, 7 and 13 mm are also available.
Exotic Light Exotic Lights is a thick shiny 3 ply filament silk, the plies can be split.  If you do split the plies they turn into an untwisted flat silk.  Like all filament and or flat silks, it snags easily on any rough bits on your fingers.
8m skein $6.45
Ophir Ophir is a fine soft perle thread, it is close to a Perle 8 in thickness and is very easy to work with.
15m skein $6.25
Silken strands Silken Strands is a 6 strand, spun silk needlework thread, making it ideal for a lot of different styles of embroidery.
6m skein $5.65
Silken Floss Silken Floss is the latest thread in the Colour Streams range.  It is a 6 strand filament silk with a high gloss.  Again it snags easily on rough fingers but gives a lovely glossy finish usually associated with a rayon thread.
6m skein $5.65
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